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Basketballs are generally big and so, do not fit into most backpacks. This is why many athletes carry bulky gym bags in order to carry their gear to practice. However, the gym bags could be a nightmare when riding a bike or taking a crowded subway. Fortunately, some backpacks have been made especially for basketball players and in this article, we will be reviewing 5 of the best basketball backpacks and also guide you on what to look for before buying one.

What to look for to find the best basketball backpack?

Do you want a backpack just for basketball or you also want one for school/college or to carry your laptops and other items? A multipurpose backpack with extra compartments for other items will save you money and avoid you having to carry around an extra gym bag on top of your day-to-day backpack!

Quality of material

The quality of the material of the backpack you choose to buy is of the utmost importance when choosing the best backpack to buy. Go for water-resistant materials like polyester, nylon or high-density canvas. This will ensure that the backpack lasts a longer period. Other signs of good quality backpacks are high-quality zippers and good stitching.


A backpack with many compartments helps you to keep your stuff in order. What sort of compartments might you have in a basketball backpack?

  • Compartments for both wet and dry clothing. This is essential to stop your wet clothes making everything else damp or worse!
  • A basketball compartment. This is key for a lot of people. A well-designed basketball bag will use compartments to maximise the amount of space that is used around your basketball.
  • Shoe compartment. Chances are that you’re not spending all day wearing your basketball sneakers, having a compartment that you can have your shoes in makes sense. Top-tip: you can roll up shorts, tops, underwear and socks and put them in your shoes, this will save space when you’re packing. Best to only do this with dry clothes though.
  • Laptop compartment. If you’re a college student then chances are you’re going to be carrying around a laptop with you for your classes. Having a separate compartment for this can help ensure it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Other organisational compartments. Things like pens, keys, battery-packs, all these sorts of things can have their own compartments, which will make your life much easier.


Comfort is another important feature to look out for when buying a backpack. You don’t want a backpack that is uncomfortable when you have to carry it for a long time. Make sure to buy one with an evenly distributed weight and with padded straps and back. Backpacks with a sternum strap, an additional small strap between the shoulder straps, can also greatly increase comfort in carrying backpacks.


Finally, capacity. Finding the right capacity is important when you’re choosing a basketball bag. If you get too small of a bag then you won’t be able to fit in your basketball let alone anything else. However, going too big and you’ll end up either filling it up with unnecessary stuff or have a half-empty bag.

Basketball Laptop Backpack for Men Boy USB Travel School 15.6 inch Computer Bag

Best basketball backpack with charging portThe amazing features of this bag with its extra ball compartment makes it the best basketball backpack

This basketball backpack has an exterior ball pocket for basketballs or soccer balls, and also a laptop sleeve on the inside. It also has a shoe compartment with so much room for all your gear, which makes it a perfect backpack for men. It also has a stylish and smooth design which will add a luxurious fashionable edge to your outfit. It is also made with water-resistant fabric which helps protect your inner items from getting wet.


Basketball mesh

This is probably our favourite feature of the basketball backpack. The mesh is hidden away in a zipper at the bottom, which keeps it out of the way when you don’t need it. The two buckles can ensure a good hold on your basketball when it is in use, making sure that you don’t lose your basketball when you’re making a quick dash for the bus. The fact that the compartment for the basketball is on the outside also helps to ensure that you get the maximum space within the backpack for the rest of your stuff.

USB design

This basketball backpack comes with an inbuilt charging cable which offers a convenient charging whilst on the move. If you’re someone who either still carries a separate MP3 player or chooses to put their phone in their backpack, this basketball bag has you covered. The external earphone port situated on the top of the backpack also allows you to have your to listen to your music with ease.


This basketball backpack has multifunctional abilities and can also serve as a backpack for other purposes. It is equipped with many compartments available for storing your phone, laptop, passport, keys, clothes, books, umbrella and so on. It is also perfect for many occasions including work, business travels, sports and other outdoor activities.

Premium quality

This basketball backpack is made of eco-friendly and durable oxford fabric with good heat dissipation and air permeability. It also features two 2.75″ wide curve padded shoulder straps which relieves pressure on shoulders and offers lightweight carrying.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Spacious interior
  • Breathable
  • Multi-space


  • Only two colors available: black and grey

This basketball backpack is very affordable, yet with lots of excellent features that you can take advantage of. You can check the current price at

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 BackpackThe Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack comes with an innovative zip system that allows you to access your gears from any angle. Asides this, it also offers many other features which makes it the best basketball backpack.

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack offers a diverse storage system with its multiple pockets and also comes with max air units in its shoulder straps which allow you to carry your valuables comfortably.


Quad zip system

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack is constructed with an innovative quad zip system that gives you access to getting your items from the bag from any angle.

Large main compartment

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack comes with a very spacious large compartment for storing your gears and a separate vented dry/wet compartment for keeping your dirty clothes.

Top compartment

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack has a compartment in the top of it, which is convenient for you to put items that you need quick access to, your keys, wallet, phone. This compartment keeps them from getting lost in the larger space.

Shoe net and strap

Inside, on the front of this backpack, you have a net and strap that work together to hold your sneakers in place.


  • Quad zip system
  • Large main compartment
  • Adjustable Max Air shoulder straps
  • Top compartment for small items
  • Massive side pockets that can hold two 32-oz squeeze bottles


  • Some people have had problems with the zips breaking

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack is a versatile and functional best basketball backpack and can be purchased here:

MIER Large Sports Backpack with Pocket for Swim, Outdoor, Gym, Basketball, 40L

MIER Large Sports Backpack with Pocket for Swim, Outdoor, Gym, Basketball, 40LThe MIER Large Sports Backpack is a slightly larger bag suitable for heavy-duty athletes. Asides being very strong and durable, the MIER Large Sports Backpack can also hold every basketball equipment you possibly need to carry.

The MIER Large Sports Backpack is not only useful for basketball games but also very convenient for work, school and short trips. It also has numerous pockets for other items including your laptop, clothing or equipment. Asides from its storage abilities, it is also designed to ease the pressure off your back and neck.


Laundry pouch

The MIER Large Sports Backpack features a large zipped-section that can be used for a laundry pouch. This will help to keep your dirty gear away from everything else that you have in the bag. It is worth noting though, this is a see-through mesh, so be careful not to have your underwear showing.

Laptop compartment

The MIER Large Sports Backpack features a compartment that can be used to carry a laptop up to 17.3”. It has a tablet sleeve as well that make it a perfect choice for those who like their tech. The compartment can hold a 29″ ball, though it can be a little tight. 


The MIER Large Sports Backpack has great multiple pockets that can be used for holding bits. There’s a bottle pouch on one side, the previously mentioned laundry pouch and there is a top zipped pouch, which is perfect for storing small items that you want easy access to.


  • Doesn’t look that large but can hold a lot
  • YKK zipper
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Waist strap
  • Comes with a carabiner for any items you wish to hang on the outside


  • The side pocket’s zip opens from the bottom
  • Not entirely durable

The MIER Large Sports Backpack is an amazing basketball backpack with multipurpose qualities and can be purchased here:

Basketball Backpack with Ball Holder: Multifunctional Sports Bag for Youth, Boys and Girls

Basketball Backpack with Ball Holder This backpack is designed for athletes of all ages and it allows basketball players to easily carry all their gears in one bag. It is designed to have enough space for any sort of ball, whether that is a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball.


Multiple pockets

This sports bag features multiple pockets which include a large main compartment, two side secret mesh pockets, two top pockets necessary for keeping essentials and one shoe compartment with holes for ventilation, which makes it the a great basketball bag.

Separate shoe section

As we’ve commented before, we love having a separate shoe section, it allows you to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your bag.

Extra protection

This backpack is designed to store your basketball efficiently without it falling from your bag during transport.

Quality material

This basketball bagis made with 600D polyester material which makes it durable enough to handle daily use. It also features SBS zippers with additional zipper pullers for easy access.


  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Made from durable materials
  • Multiple pockets to compartmentalise your stuff
  • Multifunctional


  • Not great for baseballs as they’re more likely to get lost in the bag.

This bag is a very versatile and durable bag recommended for athletes of most sports which makes it our recommendation for the best basketball backpack if you’re looking for something that isn’t specific for basketball. As an extra bonus, the company, ANGU Sports was founded by an Air Force Veteran, we always love seeing veterans who have set up their own businesses, so that’s a bonus for us.

You can check the current price of the backpack at

SKL Drawstring Bag Backpack

 SKL Drawstring Bag Backpack with Ball Shoe Compartment Sport Gym Sackpack String Bag for Men Women Soccer BasketballThe SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack is a perfect backpack for all ages. It is lightweight, strong and made of a high-quality waterproof material which makes it a favourite for athletes.

The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack is an amazing basketball backpack with multiple functions. It has lots of room to store clothing, water bottles, umbrella and also basketballs! With its extremely convenient design and functional compartments, you’ll never need to worry about the mess of a wet bag. 


100% polyester material

The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack is made with 100% thick polyester fiber material which is a durable, recyclable and washable waterproof material.

Multiple pockets

The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack features multiple pockets ideal for storing a variety of items with a main pocket that is large enough to carry a basketball.

Strong drawcord straps

The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack also features strong drawcord shoulder straps durable enough to carry up to 20kg.

Wet compartment

There is a separate wet compartment that you can put your wet clothes in to keep them separate from the rest of the contents of your bag.


  • Made from a durable polyester
  • Durable double zipper
  • Reinforced strap and metal buckle
  • Strong drawcord straps
  • A cheaper option than others on this list


  • Smaller than expected

The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack is a perfect backpack for gym, camping, sport, training, hiking and lots more. It is also unisex and adjustable for men, women, boys and girls of all ages. The SKL Drawstring Sports Backpack can be purchased here:

Summing up

Hopefully, the above has helped you to find the best basketball backpack for your needs. My personal favourite is Basketball Laptop Backpack for Men Boy USB Travel School 15.6 inch Computer Bag I love the mesh on the outside to hold your basketball and the built-in charging port won’t go amiss either.

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