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How To Get Past Your Defender Every Single Time

Getting past your defender on offence can be challenging at times. If you do not understand angles, shoulders, balance and speed.  Today we are going to focus on speed.  Not how fast you are, but how fast you can change speeds!

If you can play at different speeds on offence, you can become a nightmare to guard.  You don’t have to be overly quick, but deceptive is the name of the game.  The next time you are in the court practice playing at different speeds. Do your moves slower than normal, then explode once you see your defender relax!   You can also do this in reverse. By taking a couple of hard dribbles in one direction, then suddenly coming to stop, once you see your defender’s momentum is leaning in one direction.

On offence, you need to remember that the defender has no clue what you are going to do or when you are going to speed up or slow down. Do not make the game harder then it needs to be. You don’t need to do hundreds of moves to get open for your shot, just a simple change of pace will get the job done almost every time!

Confidence Is Built When No One Is Watching

I have had a lot of players recently asking me how to build more confidence in their game. Players have told me that they have the skill but don’t have the confidence to perform during the game. Or they become intimidated by other players that they have to go up against.  I hope you will know the exact key to building unlimited confidence in your basketball game!

Have You Ever Heard Of The Saying…

What is done in the dark, will be revealed in the light.” These same principles can be applied to your basketball game.   This is the secret to building confidence in your game. Let me further explain so you can get the big picture.

To build confidence or have more confidence in your game, you have to practice and practice and practice some more. Your practice habits are a direct correlation with how much confidence you have in your game. If you don’t take anything else from this post, remember this one thing. Confidence is built through repetition.  The more you will practice, the better you will become,  which will automatically build more confidence!

You see, when you are in the gym, and everyone else has gone home, this is where your confidence is being built. Your confidence comes from the reassurance that you have put in the time and effort to get better. Not only have you put in the time, but you are getting better! You have trained your body to the point where it just reacts from the countless hours of repetition after repetition. Your mind is trained your body is trained; you have confidence in your basketball game. So when the lights come on and its go time, there is no doubting what you can do on the basketball floor!

How To Be A Good Rebounder

Every player wants to score 20 points and be the star of the game. To be a complete player you have to able to do everything on the basketball court. Sometimes your team will need more than just scoring to win the game. Rebounding will often be one of those things a team will need to win games.  Players in the NBA have made it to the league just because they can rebind, not only can they rebound they take proud in rebounding the basketball.   If you are not a good rebounder at this moment, we are going to talk about how to become a good rebounder.

Rebounding is so important in basketball because it can give your team more chances to score and it can limit the opposing team from more opportunities to score.  One good thing about rebounding is that it is all effort so that anyone can become a good rebounder.  When asking yourself how to become a good rebounder?

Just ask yourself how you can bring more energy? Rebounding is energy, effort, and heart. If you automatically bring more energy, your rebounding will increase. My college coach uses to say alway to me ” I will be able to tell how active you are by the number of rebounds you have.”

This was so true because it was a direct indication of how active I was or how involved I was in the game. If the first half ended and I only had two rebounds, usually I wasn’t having a good game scoring wise either.

Rebounding often got me into the game and also helped me at a time to find my rhythm on offense!

Now That You Know Why Rebounding Is So Important, Let’s Talk About How To Become A Good Rebounder!


  •  Pursue the ball.
  •  Go after the ball as if your life depended on it. You have to want it more than anyone else on the court. How To Be a Good Rebounder
  •  Assume that every shot is a miss.
  •  Study how the ball comes off the rim when players shot from different spots on the floor.
  •  If you can’t grab the rebound yourself, try to tip it to a teammate.


Now that you understand how to be a good rebounder and that rebounding is more effort than anything else. There are still fundamentals of rebounding that you have to be aware of to become a good rebounder.  Let’s take a look at some fundamentals of rebounding:

  1. Start moving toward the basket as soon as you see the ball leave the shooter’s hand. We talked about doing your work early in shooting; you also need to do your work early while rebounding as well. Remember to buy a good pair of basketball shoes.
  2. Once you see the shooter release, the ball finds someone to box out. It is important that you make the first contact when boxing out. You hit him first before he hits you. Often player has perfect rebounding position, but since they didn’t box out and hit first. The opponent just steps around to grab the rebounder.
  3. Get your hands up and ready. Sometimes the ball comes off hard off the rim, having your hands up will make sure your ready at all times. Having your hands up also will help you box out and show the ref that you are not using your hands so that you won’t pick up cheap fouls.
  4. Make yourself big! Ensure that you have a wide base with your legs and your butt is down so that you can hold your ground. Your hands should already be up and have them spread wide. Put your elbows out with your hands by your head. The bigger you make yourself, the more space, you will be able to carve out and have more chances of getting the rebound.
  5. This is the most important part once you make contact. Pursue the ball; you don’t need to hold your box out that long. The most important aspect is that you hit first, then you find the ball.
  6. When possible try to grab the rebound with two hands especially in traffic, nothing is worse than getting the ball stripped after you worked so hard to get the rebound.
  7. Protect the ball. Hold onto the ball with both hands. Keep your elbows spread. This will make sure no one comes in and slaps the ball away.

Remember rebounding is more heart and hustle the anything else mentioned. Make rebounding a priority in your game and you will see your game! Your coach will love you for it, and you will help your team win ball games!  If you want to be a winner you, have to rebound the basketball. If you are still not sure on how to become a good rebounder, just remember to hustle and go after the ball. Think every rebound is yours. Think of a rebound as a pass to you and you will automatically up your rebounding average. I think a lot of times players think that only center and power forwards have to rebound.

If you are a guard that can rebind your stock will rise! Rebounding in a not categorized by what position you play. It categorized by winners and losers. Winning basketball players make winning plays and winning plays involves getting a big rebound sometimes.

This Is What LeBron James Had To Say After The Game One Win Against The Pacers:

“I made a conscious effort in the second half to rebound the ball more,” James said. “[Indiana] does a good job of rebounding the ball, so I wanted to do my best to help the team.”

One thing I took away from this quote from LeBron was that he said that he made a “conscious effort.” That tells you right there what rebounding is all about. Those 15 rebounds helped his team win the game. That’s why he was voted the MVP of the league.

One thing that we didn’t even mention about rebounding is that it’s an easy way to up your scoring average!  If you can get offensive rebound, put backs those are layups. Let’s say you get three offensive rebounds for put backs. You just raised you scoring average by six points!

You can shoot too much or pass to much, but you can never remind too much!

Remember when asking yourself how to become a good rebounder. Take a look at your energy and effort level first!  Instead of asking yourself how to be a good rebounder. Everyone will be asking you how you became such a monster on the hoops!

Good luck out there, and don’t forget that getting started with basketball is easier than you think!

5 Reason Why Summer is The Best Time To Improve Your Game

  1. The school is out. = More time to work on your game
  2. AAU is a full go in the summer
  3. You can work on your game outside (No Excuses)
  4. More time to work on your game
  5. More time to work on your game

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