In order to elude players, get to where you want to go, set players up you need to know how to dribble. Every player at every position should know how to dribble well. As a player, it will be difficult to get to any place you want on the court if you can’t dribble.

Figure 8

  • Start in the triple threat position
  • Using your right hand, dribble around your right leg from front to back
  • When you go around your leg, switch the ball to the left hand and dribble around left leg
  • Switch hands after the ball is in the middle
  • If your doing it right, the ball should trace the number 8
  • Note: Keep low and eyes up

2 ball dribble – standstill

  • Rest two balls in each arm
  • Start dribbling both balls at the same time
  • As you dribble bend your knees slowly and keep bouncing the balls
  • Bend your knees as low as you can go and dribble low and fast
  • Start to bring your body up while dribbling higher
  • Repeat going up and down 3 times

Sit up dribble

  • sit on your butt and dribble the ball right by your side
  • keep the dribble as low as you can for 30 seconds
  • Depending on your skill set, switch hands with a cross-over by lifting your legs (you should still be sitting on the ground)
  • dribble with the other hand as low as you can for 30 seconds
  • Do 15 pushups

Wall Dribble

  • Stand about a foot away from a wall
  • dribble as close as you can against the wall (ball should be at shoulder height
  • dribble at that height as long as you can at the same height
  • Next round, dribble against the wall as previously stated but this time dribble higher and lower against the wall
  • Rest for a 1:30
  • Repeat with the other hand

Ladder Drill

  • Extend your arms completely in front of you
  • Using your fingertips, pass the ball quickly from one hand to the other
  • Slowly raise your arms (above head) while keeping your fingertips working
  • Slowly bring your arms down (almost to the ground) while keeping your fingertips working

Around the body

  • Start in the triple threat position
  • Dribble around your left leg, then dribble around your right leg
  • Put legs together and dribble around both legs
  • Repeat from the start , ball should never stop at any moment

Cross-over Dribble

  • Start at halfcourt
  • dribble to the free throw line
  • Do a hard crossover (keep dribble low and switch from one hand to the other as quickly as you can) and explode to the hoop
    • Repeat from the other side of the court

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