How To Get Quicker In Basketball?


Basketball is a fast-paced game compared to other major sports. Think about it, whenever the whistle blows, you’re always on the move. 10 players are going up and down the court constantly. There is an old cliche, “you can’t teach height” but what you can teach is quickness. The motivated players will work on getting quicker every day. Being quicker than someone is a big advantage in basketball. For big-men, foot quickness will allow you to spin-off defenders and even blow by them when you’re face up. For the little guys, quickness is more important in your game. You’re at a height disadvantage so working on your quickness is critical if you want to be one of the best. The key to getting quicker is to be consistent with your drills and work each part of your leg muscles.

Here is a list of workouts you can do to get quicker and take your game to the next level;

Suicides -This is a very popular drill among coaches. If you don’t know what it clicks here for an explanation. This is a great drill to do with your team or yourself. It concentrates on the agility side of quickness. “Suicides” work because you’re doing small sprints and full-court sprints. Basketball is a game of stop and go and “suicides or line drills” reflect this.

Jump Rope- Jumping rope is a fun drill that can be done by yourself. I suggest doing several speeds, go slow and work to a faster pace. You should go as long as you can. By the end of your jump roping session, your legs should feel like jello. Jump roping is a great way to warm up for your workout, it gets your legs loose and body temp. up.

Incline Wind Sprints -These types of drills will help build thigh muscles and in turn be more explosive. All you need is a hill or stairs, you just run up a hill and walk back down. Repeat this about 10-20 times depending on the distance and you’ll be golden.

Spot jumping- Pick a spot and with two legs jump side to side over the spot you chose. After 10 of those switch to jumping forward to back and repeat 10 times. After you do these, jump on your right leg (side to side, then forward to back) 10 times. Repeat for your left leg.

Tennis- Playing tennis is professionally recommended to improve quickness and agility for a basketball player. Tennis helps you go from side to side and front to back rather quickly. When you play correctly, it is quite a workout. At the same time, you will improve hand-eye coordination.

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