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Basketball Training Tips


If you want to be a power on the court, basketball training needs to be more than just showing up to practice on time. It needs to be showing up on your own time, with a plan. Hitting the courts every day in the offseason and playing pick-up ball is fun, but if you aren’t approaching it like an opportunity to get better, you’re wasting your time.
This site is for players who want to excel. Who want to be the guy or girl on the court that everyone is in awe of, that the other team fears, that your team looks to when the game is on the line. This site is for players, not pretenders.
Team practice is important, for sure. It’s where you get one on one coaching advice and gel with your teammates. You need to be there ready to go every time, you need to give 100%, you need to try to do everything you’re told to the best of your ability.
And that’s a good start. But if you really want to take your game up a notch or two, take it to that next level, you have to be more responsible for your own success. Especially in the offseason, when you have all the time to improve while so many others just mess around. Ask any player who really excels at this game, and he’ll tell you, it’s the off-season basketball training that puts you over the top.
Not that you stop your training when the season begins, it’s just that you have less time to devote to the fundamental skills that help you rule the court in-season.
So what do you need to do? What do you focus on? You want to develop several things,

Conditioning, especially quickness and agility, since it helps you play better on offence and defence
Fundamental offensive skills, like shooting and ball handling
Fundamental defensive skills, because if you can’t play defence, you are a liability no matter how well you shoot
Vertical jump – if you really want to stand out, you need to fly

So how do you improve all this in the off-season or on your own time in-season? According to a lot of research into how athletes are able to master a skill, they need three things:
good instruction
immediate feedback
consistent, determined effort and focus on proper technique
I’ve played and coached basketball for a long time, and I’ve seen and tried lots of programs; found some exercises that I think help develop your skills; found lots more that, to me, are useless.

Throughout this site, you’ll find exercises and ideas that have helped players improve their skills and make those big leaps in development, and you can take from it what you will. I’ll pass along some of the instruction. I will suggest you find someone to help – a mentor would be best, or at least a partner that can train with you and give you the immediate feedback you need to improve. You can also write in comments to me here and I will respond as best I can. And if you pick up any of the programs I’ve reviewed or commented on throughout the site, they usually offer an add-on of coaching with the program developer as well. So lots of options for feedback.

But you have to supply the effort. Because nothing will work if you don’t. It’s your basketball training, and no one else’s – put in the work and you’ll start seeing the results.

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