Basketball Hoop Installation


If you decide to purchase an in-ground basketball hoop, you can have it installed by professionals, or you could do it yourself. Just keep in mind that installation involves careful digging because you must avoid underground utilities. You also have to mix the concrete and set up pole or anchor bolts yourself.

Choose a spot for your new basketball hoop to be placed. Most people place their basketball hoops in their driveways. If you do decide to place it in your driveway, here is a tip: Placing the pole back away from the driveway will reduce the likelihood of the basket hoop getting hit by a car. The only thing is, it reduces the amount of play area.

With placement, you also must think about which direction the basketball hoop will go. The majority of times, you want to keep the backboard straight with the side of your house. If you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, make sure that they allow basketball hoops, and if so, find out the regulations.

Here Are The Basic Steps Involved With Installing An In-Ground Basketball Hoop:

Basketball Hoop Installation

  • Dig a hole to pour the concrete footing. This is where you will place the pole. It is not a good idea to use power tools because of unknown utilities and sprinkler lines, so you may just want to use a shovel. To determine the size of the hole, check the manufacturer’s recommendation and soil type. If the soil is loose, you may need to add more concrete to harden the soil.
  • Once you fill the hole with concrete, you must let it sit 36 hours in the sun. So make sure the weather forecast does not predict rain for a couple of days before you create the concrete footing.
  • After the 36 hours, it is time to assemble the rim, backboard, and support system of the basketball hoop. Then, attach to the pole. Use your manufacturer handbook for directions on assembly. All basketball hoops are different, so, again, check your instruction book.

The regulation calls for the height of a basketball hoop to be 10 feet high. However, if you have smaller children, or simply do not want the basketball hoop that high, adjust the pole to your liking. This way, everyone can enjoy your new basketball hoop.

Out With The Old.

If you already have a basketball hoop and you need it removed, there are some companies that will do this for you. It may be a free service if you hire them to install your basketball hoop, but all companies are different. The cost of removal is usually around $50 per hour.

Sometimes it is easier to go the easy route and hire professionals to install your basketball hoop. But, if you want to save some money, you could always install it yourself. Just remember, it may be a daunting job, depending on the basketball hoop you purchase.

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