Enjoy with Franklin Shoot Again Basketball Hoop Set


The Franklin Shoot Again set is a unique over-the-door, indoor basketball hoop. What makes it different is that it has a detachable ball return scoop, a battery-operated scoreboard and authentic sports announcer recordings that sound when a goal is made. Shoot Again is best for kids ages 7 and up.

The backboard simply hangs over the back of a door by a bracket that allows the door to close all the way. The bracket fits most doors. This basketball hoop is recommended for indoor use only.

Over The Door Basketball Hoop With Automatic Ball RebounderThe sports announcer audio is what makes this set more fun for kids. The top of the backboard also has an electronic scoreboard. The electronic system requires six AA-size batteries (not included with set).

The image for this basketball hoop makes the product look bigger than it actually is. It’s actually compact in size and fits nicely over a door (dimensions = 28″ X 17″ X 13″). The bracket that goes over the door is fully adjustable so kids can easily get the perfect height while playing.


Most over-the-door basketball hoops are made of cheap plastic, but this one is made of steel and features a breakaway rim so kids can get spring action when dunking the ball. The backboard is clear to mimic the look of a pro backboard.

The biggest advantage of the Shoot Again basketball set is the rotating ball return feeder that sends the ball back quickly for more active play. The ball return rotates 180 degrees. It is also detachable if kids want to shoot the ball without it. The basketball that comes with this set is about the size of a softball. If another ball is used, it needs to be small enough to fit through the ball return scoop.


  • Rotating detachable ball return scoop for easy retrieval and repeated shooting
  • Breakaway steel rim for spring action dunking
  • Adjustable height, no tools needed
  • Over-the-door hoop saves space indoors
  • Electronic scoring system and voice recordings


  • Ball return sends the ball back pretty fast, which can be good and bad, depending on the player

Shoot Again is a cool indoor basketball hoop for kids’ bedrooms. Some people have complained that the ball return throws the ball back a little too fast. Kids just need to be ready to catch the ball to prevent it from flying across the room. The ball return is also detachable and comes off very easily.

This basketball set offers unique electronic features that most other sets of the same price do not provide, as well as the ball return mechanism. Overall, this is a great set that kids have a lot of fun playing with.

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