Exciting Little Tikes Play Like A Pro Basketball for Kids


Play Like A Pro is a durable, hard plastic basketball set made by Little Tikes. This set has an attractive design that looks much like an authentic pro hoop. The most notable features are the clear backboard and the telescoping, adjustable stand.

Consumers rate Play Like A Pro very highly. The key advantages people like are the sturdiness and height adjustment capability that allows growing kids to continue using it year after year.

Little Tikes Play Like A Pro Basketball SetThe hoop is for indoor and outdoor use, but ideal for outside play unless you have space indoors. The plastic, telescoping pole is easy and safe for kids to alter on their own without adult assistance. The pole adjusts from 4 to 6 feet and comes with one junior-sized basketball that arrives already inflated. Junior-sized basketballs are quite small, but the small size makes it a lot easier for kids to score a shot in the wide basket. The small basketball also produces much less noise than a bigger ball when used in the house.

The recommended age range for the hoop is 2 to 15 years of age. If you’re buying a hoop for a toddler, keep in mind the height of your child compared to the height of this hoop at its lowest setting of 4 feet. This is a slightly taller basketball set, but at a maximum height of 6 feet, kids won’t outgrow the set for many years.

The total weight is 17 pounds, and the base should be filled with something heavy like sand or water to keep it from blowing over in strong winds. Most people add sand to the base or you can use a bag of rocks. The hoop is very sturdy on its own though, but adding something heavy is good for safety purposes.

Another nice feature is the breakaway rim. Kids can slum dunk the basket, and get the spring action similar to a pro hoop, without breaking it.

Assembly of parts is easy like most Little Tikes basketball hoops. A rubber mallet or hammer is needed to tap the provided screws into the parts that attach the stand, base, and backboard. The net must also be properly threaded onto the basket otherwise it may fall off during play. The manual and assembly parts are included in the box.


  • Can adjust the height up to 6 feet
  • Kids can use set for many years (ages 2 to 15)
  • Big basket and a small ball for easy goals
  • Easy assembly
  • Clear backboard looks like a pro hoop
  • Can be used in the house or outside
  • Helps to teach toddlers basketball eye-hand coordination
  • Can be weighted with sand


  • Net can come loose if not properly threaded on the basket

The loose net complaint actually isn’t much of a con since it is usually the result of people not threading it properly onto the basket grooves. The directions in the manual show illustrations for how to loop the net into the grooves so it stays on during play. Assembly is simple.

The Little Tikes Play Like A Pro hoop is a quality basketball set for kids. It gets good ratings and has the look of a pro hoop. It’s sturdy, durable and the adjustable 6-foot height enables kids to use the set for several years instead of only two or three.

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