Exclusive Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball Hoop


The Spalding Slam Jam is a mini, over-the-door basketball hoop with a replicated NBA backboard. This mini hoop is a space saver and assembles very easily with four screws. The bracket arrives pre-assembled.

The backboard hangs from the back of a door by two hooks that allow the door to actually close all the way. The hooks also fit over cubicle walls in some cases, depending on the thickness of the wall. This backboard cannot be mounted to a wall. It is for door mounting only.

The back of the backboard itself is padded to prevent rubbing marks on the door. The included padding is a nice plus because most over-the-door basketball hoops don’t include it. The backboard is comprised of a polycarbonate material that is very durable. Kids can shoot the ball over and over without cracking the backboard.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

As the name implies, the Slam Jam is for slam dunking. The breakaway rim design allows repeated dunking, but children should not hang from the rim. The rim is designed only for slam dunking and shooting the ball, not hang time.

One 4-inch Spalding basketball is included with this set. Most included basketballs are cheap looking, but this one looks similar to a real NBA ball with the logo on it. The ball does arrive deflated, but it can be inflated easily with any standard air pump. If you wish to use a larger, 5-inch basketball, it will fit through the hoop.



  • Breakaway rim design for slam dunking
  • Durable polycarbonate backboard
  • Will also hook over cubicle walls, depending on wall thickness
  • Comes with padding to prevent marks from rubbing
  • Replica NBA backboard
  • Included foam padding to protect


  • The included basketball is hard

The Spalding Slam Jam is an awesome indoor basketball set for dunking and has several advantages. Having foam padding included with the set is a nice advantage. Many sets do not include padding. And most importantly, the hoop is sturdy, and the door will actually close all the way when this product is installed. The door not closing is a problem with some over-the-door hoops.

The only potential disadvantage is the hardness of the included basketball. A few people have complained that the ball is very hard and can break something indoors if a child loses control of the ball. Keep in mind the room where the basketball hoop will be used, and if you find the ball to be too hard, simply use another ball.

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