Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball for Toddlers


This review is for the I Can Play Basketball set for toddlers, which is shorter, and adjusts to a maximum height of a little over 3 feet. There is a taller Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball set that extends to a maximum height of 6 feet. The toddler model is best for kids 18 months and up. Both basketball sets receive very positive reviews on popular shopping sites. Kids can make easy baskets with the over-sized rim.

Fisher Price - I Can Play Basketball

I Can Play Basketball is a good beginner set for toddlers because it comes with a Sure Score rim that fastens to the basket. The Sure Score rim is shaped in a way that helps the ball go through the basket much easier at close range. Kids can start off playing basketball with the Sure Score rim attached and then remove it at any time to increase the challenge level. The rim simply lifts off of the basket. No tools needed.

The basketball pole is height-adjustable with four different settings. The maximum height is 3 feet, as mentioned earlier. Adding sand to the base isn’t necessary, or even possible, because there is no holding compartment. But the basketball pole is very sturdy and not very tall, so it doesn’t wobble. The whole thing weighs 9 pounds.

I Can Play Basketball is perfect for indoor use because it’s very small in size, but outdoors as well. The product material is the same hard plastic used for many of the Fisher-Price toys.

This set comes with all the needed parts and one small basketball. The assembly is simple. The basketball is intended for toddlers, so it is naturally small in size. Different balls can be used with the hoop, but the balls should be similar in size and weight of the provided ball otherwise a heavier, larger ball might damage the plastic.


  • Four height-adjustable settings (up to 3 feet maximum)
  • Toddler-friendly Sure Score rim for easier baskets
  • Small basketball and extra-wide basket for easy goals
  • Compact size for indoor use can be used outside
  • No sand needed for this model
  • Reasonable price


  • Some kids outgrow it fast

There aren’t many complaints about this basketball set. It gets very good reviews, but kids may outgrow the set faster than others, but it is the perfect height for small toddlers to play with, and the price is reasonable. If you think your child might outgrow the three-foot height too soon then consider buying the taller, I Can Play Basketball set that telescopes to 6 feet instead of 3 feet.


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