Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop Review


The Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop highlights portability as one of its key features. It has wheels for you to be able to easily move it to your desired location and thereafter have no problems of adjusting its position or completely changing it altogether. Your worries about the basketball hoop’s stability have also been addressed by providing a 27-gallon base that can hold either sand or water according to your convenience.

The height of your Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop is adjustable just like with other portable systems. You won’t be in need of any other tools to modify it’s height since it already has a telescoping pole that allows you to easily do so. Its acrylic fusion backboard attempts to give off a glass-like appeal which is designed with graphics that are fade-resistant and UV protected.

Features :

  •  Product size: adjustable up to 10 feet
  •  Shipping weight: 55.8 pounds
  •  44-inch sturdy acrylic backboard with graphics
  •  Black standard classic rim with welded-steel net hooks
  •  Nylon net
  •  High-impact, molded polyethylene frame
  •  A 27-gallon base that fills with either water or sand
  •  Wheels for portability
  •  Powder-coated rust-resistant finish
  •  No extra tools required for assembly
  •  Product warranty

Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop Review

The Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop falls within the average priced portable basketball systems in the market today. Most consumers still considered this as a good buy for their kids and teens. Almost everyone stated in their reviews how easy it was to assemble and set up with clear cut instructions provided. Having two people put it up would be a walk in the park but some were even able to do it single-handedly.

Long term exposure to varying weather elements and conditions is still subject for test and opinions. There are metal bolts and parts that are out in the open which would then be prone to rust eventually. One review suggested painting over these exposed parts to prevent that outcome or at least thwart it.

It was also found to be a sturdy unit and one consumer even shared how their Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop was able to withstand a wind storm. Although expect it to wobble at times and bend back a bit during a more aggressive play since it’s nothing close to a regulation basketball goal. People usually find putting in water for the base of their basketball hoops to be much easier although using sand is still a popular choice for a truly stable hoop. You should also get anti-freezing water so as not to damage the plastic base during winter months.

A few customers also found the height adjustment mechanism to be more tedious than what was promised. A breakaway rim could have also been a much better choice for the manufacturer. Aside from those two minor concerns that were brought up, most of its actual buyers were more than pleased with their system for the price that the Lifetime 1269 Basketball Hoop is being offered.

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