Little Tikes – Adjust N Jam Pro Basketball Set for Kids


The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam is a height-adjustable basketball hoop for kids ages 3 to 10 years old. Adjust N Jam is a very sturdy set that can be used indoors or outdoors. The exterior parts are made of hard plastic, and parents who have purchased this set for their kids give it very positive reviews for its durability and adjustable height capability.


The height adjustment is perfect for growing toddlers. The telescoping pole can be dropped all the way down to 4 feet for small children or set all the way up to 6 feet for taller kids. Most toddlers can easily shoot the ball into the wide basket at the four-foot setting. Adjusting the set is very easy. Kids can do it themselves because the set isn’t heavy to lift.


The whole basketball set weighs 30 pounds and stands very sturdy for a plastic hoop. Sand or water can be inserted inside the rear of the base for increased stability against heavy winds. The manufacturer recommends adding sand, but people who have bought this hoop say it’s pretty stable without the use of sandbags.


This set includes a breakaway rim for slam dunk action. For a plastic basketball set, the breakaway rim is a nice feature because even some of the more expensive kids’ basketball hoops don’t have them. Breakaway rims usually last a bit longer because there is less tension on the hoop when dunking.


The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam stands close to 8 feet tall to the top of the backboard. It can be used indoors and outdoors, but most people place it outside because the 8-foot height might be too tall inside the house unless you have the space of course. The set includes one junior-sized basketball. The net is a little smaller than nets on similar hoops. Bigger balls can get stuck. Basketballs similar to the size of the provided ball should be used.


  • Height-adjustable (5 settings)
  • Very sturdy
  • Hard, durable plastic
  • Good price
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble (parts snap together)
  • Rim is a breakaway (good for slam dunking)


  • Net is a little small (must use provided ball or similar size ball)

The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam gets positive reviews with minimal complaints. One disadvantage is the net is a little small and won’t fit larger size basketballs. If you don’t want to use the provided junior-sized basketball, another ball of similar size should be used, or it might get stuck in the net.

The main advantage of this hoop is the sturdiness and having the height adjustment of five settings to choose from. The breakaway rim also makes slamming the ball more fun for kids, and the price is very reasonable for what it offers.


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