Spalding 66349 Review


The Spalding 66349 is one of the residential portable basketball systems from Spalding. There are many features that this portable hoop offers and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this review article.

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Spalding basketball Features of Spalding 66349:


The Spalding 66349 is a truly portable piece of sports equipment that can be transferred anywhere and can be conveniently placed in any open space. Whether it’s your garage or the backyard, you can turn any location into a heavy-duty basketball shooting ground, perfect for some practice hoops. Make sure to pair it with a good outdoor basketball.

50-inch Polycarbonate Backboard

Since the Spalding 66349 boasts a thick, 50-inch polycarbonate backboard; you can fully replicate the experience given by static basketball hoops such as glass backboards. With it, you can practice your layups and bank shots to perfection, thus making it the perfect venue to arm yourself with the skills you need for the big games. Additionally, the board looks really professional, complete with official markings and logos from Spalding and NBA, which totally makes this piece of equipment a real eye-catcher.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame With Pro Slam Rim

Basketball seems to get fiercer year after year, and most hoops nowadays would need a really sturdy build for all the punishment – not to mention dramatic dunks it would get. Thankfully, the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System truly has durable and dependable construction for really intense basketball sessions. This durability is now a must-have for modern hoops and the Spalding 66349 fulfils this requirement well. The next time you’ll do a dunk move, you’re guaranteed to have a worry-free time towards the ring and during the hang, giving you enough confidence to pull off that dramatic dunk shot.

Exacta Height Lift System

The Spalding 66349 isn’t only for serious players looking for a pro-hoop session. Thanks to the Exacta Height Lift system, this portable basketball can adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet so that you can play with your kids. Plus, the adjustment also allows you to gradually shift from one height to the next so that you can train your shots and their power to perfection. This is further supplemented by a 20-degree pole angle so that you simulate those 3 point shots that you’ve been itching to sink.

34 Gallon Base

A problem that comes with most portable basketball systems is that they won’t stay put after some heavy shooting. Good thing the Spalding 66349 has a sturdy, 34-gallon base can be filled with sand or water bringing you the most stability you can have for what you require. This also ensures that the system is safe and won’t fall down on anyone or anything. Since it is quite heavy, you might be worried that it won’t be all that portable, despite its name. So, it comes with 2 wheels that you can use to move it around.


To fully simulate and prepare you for game day, the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System comes with a very reliable rebounder for that authentic basketball feel. Rebounding is like what it should be and the manufacturers of the Spalding 66349 made sure that this was truly the case.

Any Complaints?

It seems that the main complaint is the difficult assembly of the Spalding 66349. It’s because the instructions are not always consistent and the pictures tend to be confusing. Thus, the assembly time for the Spalding 66349 will take quite a good amount of hours if two adults are going to put it up. But when you finally set it up, you’ll realize that all the trouble was worth the effort. A lot of people have been more than satisfied with this portable goal and have given it a 5-star rating if it weren’t for the assembly directions.


The Spalding 66349 is an elite-tier portable basketball system, which doesn’t disappoint. We recommend this as one of the current frontrunners on the market. It may, however, be a little bit tall for kids, and if you are shopping for a little one we recommend you take a look at our children’s hoops!

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