Stylish NBA Basketball Hoops For Kids


The Game On is a stylish over-the-door basketball hoop for kids’ bedrooms. One of the cool things about this set is you can order a backboard with your favorite team logo on it instead of having only one graphic option. And for the price, the quality of the graphics and hoop are actually quite good.

The backboard (18″ X 12″) is professional-grade polycarbonate for long-lasting durability. On the center rear portion of the backboard, there is a square piece of foam padding that helps keep the door from getting scratched from vibration. The padding does not cover the entire width of the backboard, but it’s wide enough to keep the backboard from rubbing on the door from the impact of the basketball.

NBA Game On Polycarbonate Hoop SetThe key feature is the dunkable rim. If your kids like to slam dunk, a hoop with a breakaway rim like this one is perfect. Kids can slam the ball and the rim springs up and down like a pro rim. The rim doesn’t fold in for storage, but the entire hoop system can be easily removed from a door and stored in a closet. The rim also detaches very easily from the backboard if needed.

To mount the hoop, the backboard clips over a door like most basketball hoops of its kind. The clips that grip the door are housed in felt to protect a painted door. The manufacturer doesn’t state whether the backboard can also be mounted on a wall or not. The set includes two hooking clips for door mounting, but not wall mounting.


  • Unique break-away rim for dunking
  • Ability to customize backboard with favorite team logo
  • Hard polycarbonate backboard
  • Hangs over door easily, no hole drilling needed
  • Foam padded to protect the door
  • Assembly is very easy


  • Rim doesn’t fold

The NBA Game On set also comes with one 5-inch channeled basketball. The ball is shipped deflated.

For the price of the set, Game On is a good deal that gets excellent buyer feedback online. Being able to customize the backboard is a unique advantage, and the break-away rim is durable for dunking. Other than the minor disadvantage of not being able to fold the rim for storage, there aren’t any other disadvantages.

Over-the-door basketball hoops like this one are great for small rooms. This hoop is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.

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