Xtreme Mini Pro Basketball Hoop for Kids


The Mini Pro Xtreme by JustInTymeSports is an indoor Mini Basketball Hoop that mounts to a wall. The Mini Pro is an alternative to over-the-door basketball hoops that can usually only be placed over doors and don’t include wall mounting hardware. With this hoop, you can install the backboard on any wall, as long as it’s fastened securely to a wall stud or sturdy structure. Mounting hardware is included.

The Mini Pro hoop is small enough for bedroom walls, but not too small to hinder functionality. The overall play quality when dunking and shooting the ball is way better than over-the-door hoops that often sway side to side from the impact of the ball. When installing securely on a wall stud, this basketball hoop doesn’t move. Kids can slam the ball and get solid spring action on the 12-inch break-away steel rim. Hangtime is a no-no for the Xtreme and all other wall-mounted hoops.

Xtreme Mini Pro Basketball Hoop Features

The backboard of the Xtreme is pretty cool. The see-through polycarbonate makes it look like a real pro backboard. Polycarbonate is very tough and shatter-proof. It is the same material used for many indoor backboards. The backboard dimensions are 24″ X 16″ X 1/4″. Remember not to install it too close to the ceiling otherwise, the ball will hit the drywall when making a shot. If you have vaulted ceilings, the Mini Pro works even better, but it can be used on standard 8-foot walls without any problems.


  • Very sturdy, does not move when secured to a wall stud
  • High-quality break-away rim for dunking, made of steel, looks like a pro rim
  • Quality net lasts longer
  • Inner and outer mounting frames included for maximum wall support
  • Break-proof polycarbonate backboard
  • Can be used on any wall or in the garage
  • Includes one basketball (7-inches)
  • Easy wall installation, backboard, and rim arrive pre-assembled


None, it’s awesome

The Mini Pro Xtreme is a top-quality indoor basketball hoop for kids and adults. It costs a bit more than cheaper over-the-door hoops, but the quality is far better, and the hoop can be installed on a single stud of any wall in the house. Since the backboard is mounted firmly to a  wall stud using support brackets, instead of hanging over a door, it’s way more stable and doesn’t move at all when shooting or slamming.

The Mini Pro Xtreme gets five-star reviews online, and it’s one of our top picks if you’re looking for a quality basketball hoop that will last through years of play.

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