5 NBA Players You Should Watch


Chris Paul – CP3 is one of, if not the best point guards in the league. Ever since he was drafted the Hornets turned from pretender to contender. He is a true general on the court. He directs his teammates when he has the ball or is off the ball. He knows his range and picks his spot. One game he’ll put up 30 points and the next he’ll dish 15 assists…whatever his team needs, he does.
What to watch for: pick and rolls, shot selection, leadership, penetration and dish, playing the passing lane.

Tim Duncan – Nicknamed “The Big Fundamental” has been one of the most consistent players in the NBA. From his patented bank shot to his leadership role, Duncan possesses the skills it takes to be a champion. On an entertainment level, Duncan ranks a 1 but for the youngsters watching him, he ranks the highest in terms of fundamental skills.
Steve Nash – Steve Nash is a past MVP of the NBA and is a pure point guard. He is a feisty player who 9 times out of 10 hits the big shot. I’m sure every player in the league wants Nash to be on his team, he’ll get you the ball when you’re in the right spot. He is always making plays and he is one of the best-trained athletes in the country. Every game it seems like he can play another 4 quarters.
Kobe Bryant – He is the top of the league as far as athletic ability. Ever since he came out of the league his ability to fly over people was never in question. Over his career, just like MJ, he learned and mastered various aspects of the game. He is the perfect combination of skills, heart, athleticism, work ethic. After winning his fourth championship, Kobe has learned to use his teammates more and defence became his main objective.
Kevin Garnett – “The Big Ticket” is one of the more versatile big men in the league. He has perfected the 15-foot step-back jump shot. I’m not sure there is a player more self-motivated than he is, even after winning his first ring. When he joined the Celtics he had his teammates thinking and believing defence first.

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